• MISSION -The Mission of CBE is: "To train highly competent and practice-oriented professionals in Business Administration, Accountancy, Marketing, Procurement and Supply, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Legal and Industrial Metrology and other related fields at Certificate, Diploma, Professional Degree, and Postgraduate Diploma levels and to undertake relevant Basic and Applied Research as well as providing consultancy and advisory services to the public"


  • VISION -The College to be transformed into a dynamic, well equipped, known and respected regional centre of excellence that trains conducts research and provides advisory services in Business and other related disciplines.



  • The main functions of the College of Business Education are:To provide facilities for study and training in the principles, procedures and techniques of: Procurement and Supply Management, Business Administration, Accountancy, Marketing Management, Legal and Industrial Metrology, Information and Communication Technology,E-commerce and any other related disciplies as the college may from time to time decide.


  • To conduct quality and practice-oriented programmes in the disciplines specified in (1) above and conduct examinations for, and grant awards at Basic Certificates, Ordinary Diploma, Professional Degrees and Postgraduate Diploma levels


  • To conduct quality and efficiency oriented short and special courses in the disciplines specified in (1) above.


  • To engage in applied research in the disciplines specified in (1) and use the results to improve teaching, learning and to offer quality public services.


  • To provide consultancy in counseling, arbitration and business advisory services.


  • To engage in income generation activities that are within the Mission of the College.


  • To engage in any other education activities which in the opinion of the Governing Body, is necessary, expedient or conducive for the promotion of business education in th United Republic of Tanzania.




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