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The objectives for which COBESO is established are:

1.To promote and protect the interest and rights of its members in their capacity as students of CBE during their tenure as duly registered students of CBE;

2. To promote effective communication lines among the students themselves and between the students and the College’s organs of governance, the public and private institutions and the general public;

3.To cultivate, promote, nurse and maintain fraternal relations between the students themselves and the College’s organs of governance, the academic and non academic staff of the College, the Government, the public and private institution and the general public;

4.To promote within the students’ community respect for learning among the various disciplines offered by CBE and the pursuit of knowledge and truth, and to promote progressive and responsible application of the acquired knowledge towards a sustainable development of the nation;

5. To promote academic freedom as an inalienable right of students at CBE and inculcate them with a sense of integrity, self respect devotion commitment and accountability to the Tanzania society and mankind they are bound to serve;

6. To encourage and promote respect for learning among students to the best their capability with a view to develop that fundamental capabilities to the fullest extent;

7. To promote and maintain fraternal relations, dialogue, and carry out any other activities both academic and non academic in collaboration with other students’ organization in institutions of learning in Tanzania, Africa and the  rest of the World;

8. To stimulate and promote the desire, spirit culture and love for music, sports and in order to keep the College a fertile ground from which best talents can be developed;

9. Subject to the provision of any law, to seek and or participate in the advancement of a free and democratic Tanzania society based on the principles of social equality and justice which uphold the values of human rights, freedoms and liberties of the individual and the society generally of sex ,color, tribe, religion and gender;

10. To seek to contribute significantly to the improvement of the quality of life of the students at the College’s campus and other place where the services of the College are provided;

11. To perform any other duties and functions imposed or conferred on the student’s organization by the College of Business Education Act, cap 315 R.E, 2002 or by any other law of the land;

12. To act as spokesperson for students generally and as an avenue for communication and exchange of information between the students and the management of the College;

13.To do, in accordance with the College of Business Education Act,315 R.E,2012 and any other law of the land, all such acts and things, as may be required, desirable or expedient in order to further the objects and functions of COBESO.





In pursuit of the objectives stated in article 5 herein above, COBESO may carry out any or all of the following functions;

1. Subject to the provision of the Act, to initiate, sponsor or undertake any activities for the students of the College

2. To organize and or sponsor debates seminars, workshops, conferences, congresses, study tours and symposia to enhance intellectual awareness of the students’ community;

3. To mobilize funds to sponsor students’ research in all academic fields in order to promote creativity and originality on matters of intellectual interest to the scholarly community and the nation generally.

4. To publish journals, books, newspapers, leaflets, magazines, recordings or otherwise through electronically or mechanical means and  to broadcast any Educational programmers to the public which are reflective of the College’s activities and mission; in collaboration and or with the approval of the College’s management;

5. To invite any distinguished personalities such as political, social, academic and culture leaders to interact with students community by way of lecture, panel or group discussions, workshops or any other means that would promote health and constructive discussions of contemporary social-scientific and political issues;

6. Subject to the provisions of any law to correspond and communicate with any students; youth and any other organizations which share and promote the common objectives of COBESO;

7. To establish committees, secretariats, commission, or any other functional organs for the better carrying out of the objectives of COBESO

8. Subject to the provisions of the law and any other Regulations or rules in force, to organize and lead students in their just struggle and campaigns for realization of the students’ just demands and rights in conformity with the objectives for which COBESO is established;

9. To question and inquire into the membership of any student who has not met the admission condition into the students’ organizations;

10.To initiate , with the approval of the College’s management, legal proceedings against any student who breaches the provisions of the Act and Regulations made there under which breach prejudices the interests of any students

11.To collaborate with students disciplinary authorities to initiate disciplinary proceedings against any student who breaches the students General conduct, Disciplinary and Welfare Matters;

12.To assist its member whenever necessary and in its possible manner to receive the school loan disbursement from Government, Loans Board and any other Government agencies

13.To do, in accordance with the provisions of this constitution all such acts and things, as may be requires in order furthering the powers and functions of COBESO




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