The Rector of the College of Business Education invites applications from all students who have completed “A” level, “O” Level studies or Certificate and Diploma Courses from NACTE recognized Institutions to join the following programmes

Basic Technician Certificate in Industrial and Legal Metrology 

Entry Requirements

NVA Level 3, which must be relevant to the programmes 


Form IV with at least four passes in English, Mathematics and or Physics, but excluding religious subjects

Basic Certificate in Information Technology (BCIT)

Entry Requirements

                                    Certificate of Secondary Education with at least 4 passes including Mathematics or Physics

Entry Requirements for Other Basic Technician Certificate Programmes

Basic Technician Certificates in Marketing

Basic Technician Certificates in Accountancy

Basic Technician Certificates in Business Administration

Basic Technician Certificates in Procurement and Supplies Management

A Candidate shall be deemed eligible for consideration for admission to all of the above Basic Technician Certificates Programmes if the Candidate has obtained:

National Technical Award (NVA) Level 3 (NVTA – VETA),


Form IV with at least four passes excluding religious subjects or NABE II with at least three passes in relevant subjects but for Accountancy programme student must have at least ‘D’ pass in mathematics subject.

 NB: All Programs are offered at Degree, Diploma and Certificate levels, in all Campuses except Mbeya Campus where the Programs are offered only at Diploma and Certificate Levels.

Procedure for Applying:

 Apply online here

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