This course is designed for those working in the public and private sector interested in obtaining a comprehensive understanding of sustainable public procurement processes. Specifically, it is relevant to those working with sustainability issues as managers, policy makers, procurement professionals, clients, contract managers, Tender Board Members, Engineers, Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Environmentalists, Sociologists etc.


To provide participants with a clear understanding of what is Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP), how to start, implement or maintain an SPP programme in an organization and in a country, and the capability to manage all aspects of the procurement process as it relates to SPP. It will enable participants understand sustainability aspects of public procurement as included in the Standard Tender Documents by the World Bank and Public Procurement Regulatory Authority


Content: Understanding SPP and be able to distinguish it with traditional procurement; How to Plan and Implement SPP in a Country and Organisation; Setting up Policy and Legal Framework for Implementing SPP; Procurement Strategy and Planning as a Key to SPP Implementation; Defining Needs, Evaluation of Tenders and Contract Management Under SPP Outcome: By the end of the programme, participants will be able to: Develop and implement a strategic plan for SPP; Identify key stakeholders in the SPP procurement process, Bring SPP from a concept into practical use; Integrating SPP in the public procurement processes, practices, and procedures; Use specifications to improve the sustainable outcome of the procurement process; Identify methods to improve sustainability of the supplier base; Understand how evaluation criteria can be used in SPP; and Understand the methods and importance of contract management in the SPP process


Current world trend in public procurement is shifting towards SPP. This can be manifested through various standard documents issued by Development Partners and Public Procurement Regulatory Authorities. On top there are various policies towards protecting environment, human and workers rights, empowering local businesses and communities etc. Through this course the participants will have a wholistic view of SPP, and how they can use it to benefit their organisations and the society as a whole

The Course shall be Co-facilitated by Eng. Dr. Ramadhan Mlinga who is a Country Mentor for Sida Funded Global  Capacity Development Programme on Sustainable Public Procurement which is being implemented in Tanzania from Feb 2022 to Oct 2023, and of which CBE has been a Partner in its implementation

Course Fees : 400,000/=
Contact : 0755 845 317
Date : 30st Aug to 1st September
Place : CBE - Dar es salaam Campus