Overview of the Incubation

1)    About CBE Business Incubation (CBI)

CBE Students’ business incubators serve as facilities where student entrepreneurs are hosted for a fixed period, provided with a variety of facilities and services to help them start and grow their businesses. CBE Business Incubator represents one of several initiatives aimed at stimulating entrepreneurship and promoting self-employment within the nation. 
The CBE Incubation programme is offered across all four CBE campuses, which are located in Dar es Salaam, Mbeya, Dodoma, and Mwanza."

CBI Programme Goal
•    The programme aims to establish a model for the sustainable development of student’s skills in entrepreneurship and business management. 
•    Participants will have the opportunity to not only learn skills but also to implement them in starting up their businesses, formulate teams, collaborate with other start-ups, and be mentored and coached through this business incubator model.

CBI Programme Objectives 
The objectives of CBE Incubation programme are to:
(i)    Provide participants with a platform where they can generate, present, and test their business ideas and develop their concepts into market-ready products.
(ii)    Provide participants with a platform where they can share experience and expertise in the field of entrepreneurship.
(iii)    Support participants in developing entrepreneurial pathways, focusing on generating business ideas, exploring markets, and ultimately launching ventures after securing seed funding.
(iv)    Provide fiduciary support services allowing for the management of their businesses taking into consideration legal, financial, and social requirements.
(v)    Assist participants in getting access to financing necessary for start-ups and business growth.
(vi)    Provide participants with networking for technical support and guidance.
(vii)    Provide participants with a platform where they can access markets.
(viii)    Engage participants in the process of designing and developing new products
(ix)       Provide participants with access to shared resources.
(x)        Assist participants in starting their business by providing services that reduce related costs and risks.

2)       CBE Business Incubation Process
The process of incubation consist of three phases namely, pre-incubation 
phase, incubation phase and post-incubation phase.


3)    Other Services Offered

☞ Training through Seminars/Workshops
Incubatees get “real-world” practical knowledge from industry professionals in fields such as fiduciary and financial services. This includes presentations delivered by experts on topics like Intellectual Property, Taxation, Establishing bank accounts, Business registration, Fundraising pitches, and Board setup, among others.

☞ Networking
The CBE Incubator play a crucial role in facilitating connections between incubates/entrepreneurs and valuable networks that can support the growth of their ideas. This include participation in exhibitions, workshops, and various events where incubatee products can be promoted showcased.

☞  Mentorship/Coaching
CBE Incubation Hubs are equipped with a team of mentors dedicated to helping incubatees shape their ideas and transform them into Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). Additionally, there are coaches available to provide the necessary technical expertise to facilitate the fiduciary processes required for scaling the MVPs into the market. 

5. Registration and Submission of Ideas
To become a part of CBI, please complete the registration process by filling out the online form. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


CBE Incubation Hub Contact Info:
Dar Es Salaam
Dr. Boniface E. Mwalukasa 0754 300224

Adrian Ndunguru – 0752465858

Frank Katumbaku – 0752 – 772794

Beny Mwenda  - 0742 677 369